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When Selling Technology Simplicity Matters

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Sales Enablement | 0 comments

There is a plethora of great information about AR/VR/MR shared on LinkedIn and indexed on Google. Many of the posts I read focus on features but neglect benefits and solutions.

For example a post may talk about SLAM – (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) or FoV – (Field of View) AND these features are important BUT keep in mind not everybody knows what the industry jargon means or why it matters, AND we don’t bother to explain it. In fact, I would even argue that our target audience doesn’t actually even care. They have a problem that requires a solution.

Now consider how people search for a solution on Google -“How to improve a technicians productivity in the field” or “How to onboard a new field tech faster” or simply “Smart glasses for HVAC techs.” Informational search queries are opportunities to help guide someone through the buyers journey, and educate them on the importance of features that assist in solving their problem.

As I said, features are important, BUT in my opinion should be presented during the evaluation phase when actually comparing wearable solutions, not before. We need to focus on solving problems, talking about benefits, and educating first. Dazzle them with technical brilliance and jargon second.


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