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Securely Deploy + Manage All Your Mobile Devices

Manage each wearable across your entire organization from our command and control web app.

An MDM Purpose Built For Enterprise Organizations

Add new devices quickly, provision apps, and policies without IT involvement.

Administrators can create MDM policies for device restrictions, layout, settings access, notifications, and assign permissions based on ownership type (BYO or corporate-owned).

Frontline workerscan self-activate their devices and access all approved applications including email, Wi-Fi, content, and other backend resources. 

Secure Deployment

Add new devices quickly provision apps and policies without IT involvement.

Flexible Pricing

ThirdEye MDM offers flexible various pricing options designed to meet any organizations needs. 

Enterprise Security

Our MDM platform we can safeguard your devices and data at every level.


Get unprecidented support for your MDM that include on-site setup and other support packages.

ThirdEye MDM Capabilities + Features

Administrative Dashboard

One-Touch Device Enrollment

OTA Update

User Management

Login Enforcement

Remote Application and Content Management

Kiosk Mode

Application Monitoring

Real-Time Device Analytics

WiFi/OTA Management

Device Security

Remotely wipe device data

Remotely lock/unlock the device

Force login/logout on device

Data encryption