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Selling a Product – Tell a Story

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Sales Enablement | 0 comments

As a product marketer one of my jobs is to tell the story of my product or service and how it will benefit and solve a problem for the intended end user.

Making bread is a complicated process. – There are 10 steps a baker must go through to make a perfect loaf of bread. And, each step in the process is crucial in its development. – Now the person who goes into the bakery doesn’t really care about how the bread is made. They care that it smells good and that it taste good and it will compliment the rest of the meal.

After all the bakery customer is searching for solution to a hunger problem. The same holds true for wearable devices. The end user doesn’t care how the product was engineered. They care that it solves a problem, simplifies a complex process, or make their lives simpler in some way. After all someone looking at wearable computers is actually looking for a solution to help them solve a complex process problem. My goal is to make sure I tell that story.


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