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I help organizations by leveraging high-impact, cost-efficient product marketing strategies. My goal is to build brand awareness, increase revenue, and drive organizations toward robust growth and development.


Develop, Implement + Execute Product Marketing Strategies

What I do

Product Marketing, Messaging, Digital Marketing Strategy + Sales Enablement For StartUps + Tech Organizations


I sit at the intersection of sales, product and marketing. My goal is to leverage my product and marketing skill sets to build awareness, drive growth, and increase revenue.



Product marketing is responsible for bringing a product to market and ensuring its overall success before, during and after product launch that includes positioning, messaging, demand generation, and enablement.


The success of your marketing efforts depends on your digital marketing strategy. A solid marketing strategy increases brand awareness, turns strangers into visitors, and visitors into customers + clients.


Marketing should be an integral part of the sales process, from discovery to deployment, to after the sale. Enablement is crucial for the overall success before, during, and after the product launch.

business development

The success of your business depends on how you grow your business. Biz dev is about implementing strategies, developing  business relationships, target markets and customers.


Does your brand build trust? Today organizations don’t define their brand – the consumer does. To be successful your brand needs to grow in the market through brand strategy, identity, design, and management.

market analysis

 Do you have a solid understanding of the competitive landscape? I can help you understand your competition, threats, strengths, opportunities and uncover opportunities for your product  or service .


Marc Reece has an impressively broad set of sales and marketing skills. He came into our group through an acquisition and jumped right in, assisting RealWear in our automation strategy, analytics, and search ads. Major standouts: dedication, team- work, and service mentality.

Aaron Cohen: Global Head of Communications

Marc joined my business line as the first sales lead. He was incredibly helpful in establishing both our new product and online business model. He is able to adapt to a startup environment very well and thrived in our bootstrapped environment. Marc is creative, cares about the customer, and has a high degree of marketing aptitude.

Curt Raffi: SVP & General Manager, Innovation Products & Engineering

Had the privilege to work with Marc Reece where he led our marketing efforts and events at RealWear. Marc was always a person I could count on. Every activity that Marc was involved with was met with positive energy and world class execution. Marc is a person who knows how to get the job done and always goes about his work with an infectious positive attitude If you have a chance to meet or work with Marc you will not be disappointed he is a great person and big contributor at anything he puts his energy into.

Brian Hamilton: Chief Business Officer




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